Lien Willems is een golfprofessional uit Antwerpen. Haar thuisclub is Rinkven International Golf & Country Club. Ze speelt op de Ladies European Tour.



The season is almost halfway so time for an update about the past and the future!
4 years ago the International Olympic Comite (IOC) decided to make golf an olympic sport again in 2016 in Rio. I knew directly what my long term goal was: Make it to the Olympis!
To realize my long term goal I set myself a short term goal. I wanted to play on the highest level in Europe: The Ladies European Tour. That was actually a dream that I had since I was 13 years old. I found people who shared that dream and over the years I surrounded myself with key individuals who supported and sponsored me.
In December 2014 I gained my let card for 2015 and in December 2015 I gained the card for the 2016 season. Although the card gave me a lot less competitions than I thought. Over the past 2 years, the Tour lost almost 7 events in Europe, strongly reducing my chances to take points for the Olympic Ranking, which was quite unfortunate as I didn’t manage to score high in all the ones that did remain.
On the 11th of July the ranking closes, and there are no more tournaments between now and then, so I know for sure that I can’t go. As a sportswomen taking this seriously, it’s of course very disappointing…However as the proverb goes: “Fall seven times, get up eight”
It’s how you handle a setback that matters, so for me, I’m bouncing back by setting some new goals on the short and long term. Short term: keep my let card in the 3! LET competitions that are left this season. Mid Term: play the European Team Championship in Gleneagles, Scotland, 2018. Long term: Olympics 2020 in Tokyo!
Plan of action: continue the work with the team I’ve been working with for the past years. Be patient and work my *ss of J
Next competition is the Let Access in Belgium, at Waterloo Golf Club, from the 14th till the 16th of July! Feel free to come and cheer me on.


Just a small update from life on tour. I played the first LET Access of the new season 2 weeks ago at Terre Blanche Golf Club. This is according to me the best course on the Let Access calendar; always in perfect conditions and fast greens.
The game was good but I didn’t score. Seemed like my putter was still warming up…I missed the cut but I had a lot of good things to remember and to take with me to the next tournament which I played last week. I went to Santander to play the first tournament of The Santander Golf Tour, a new Spanish Tour, which consists of 7 competitions this year. There are always 2 rounds to play without cut. The competition was well organized and offers good prize money. I’m glad I participated because these games help me to stay in competition mode and I played solid golf, finishing tied 5th!

In about 2 weeks the season gets really started as I will play 5 tournaments in a row, mainly mixing Let Access and LET events. First up is the LET Access in Gams, Switzerland, on April 28-30. After that it’s my 2nd LET event of the year in Rabat, Morocco, on May 5-8. Then straight to Santiago for another LET Access event. The 3rd week of May I will play a team event in Amsterdam which replaces the Dutch Ladies Open and finally the 5th tournament is again a Spanish Tour event, on the 27th and 28th of May in Seville.

If you want to follow me and cheer me on, you can see my full calendar on the website and you can follow my results on:
@lienwillemsgolf on twitter
Lien Willems on facebook

Once more I would like to thank my Sponsors: VVG, Doccle, EY, Soudal, Bank Degroof, Volvo, Peak Performance, Peak Lodge, Mayerline, Fanatics Sports factory and a new one: Fitness Center Schilde!

Small update from Down Under. I arrived in Australia a few days ago. I’m staying at Barwon Heads, 1h30 from Melbourne. The first competition of the season will be a big tournament organised by the Australian PGA (ALPG). The tournament starts on the 4th of February. After 2 days the top 60 plays on saturday. After that the top 30 plays on Sunday. A bit strange but that’s how it is. I have been able to train well here, the game is good so looking forward to play after 5 weeks without a competition.

After the first competition I have to wait and see if I get admitted to the Let event in New Zealand. Currently I’m 11th on the reserve list,as this is a high wanted tournament. It seems that everybody realises that again this year you have to play every competition, no matter how far and how expensive, because there’s just not a lot of tournaments on the LET schedule…

And so 2016 kicks off with a clear goal: win a tournament so I get to play in every competition 😉 !

Keep you updated!



I’m happy to tell you that I regained my Let card for 2016. Due to the lack of tournaments on the Ladies European Tour I could only play 7 competitions and I finished 122 on the 2015 order of merit.

I had to play Final Q where I finished 28th and took my card back.

2016 calender looks more promissing. I will start on the 12th of February in New Zealand and Australia. You can find the competitions in ‘my calendar’.

I would like to thank my sponsors from 2015:  EY, Soudal, Doccle, Bank Degroof, TopGolfVlaanderen, Volvo, Mayerline, Peak Performance, Peak Lodge and Fanatics Sport Factory.

And also my team, family, mentors and friends…

Enjoy the holidays and the winter golf!




A quick update from Dubai. The last Let event of the season starts tomorrow. I got in the event by category and don’t have to go to pre-Q. I will play at 8.35 tomorrow and 12.35 on thursday.

The course is in great condition. Some long holes, narrow fairways, firm fast and smooth greens. I need a good result to keep my Let Card but the aim this week is to have fun and enjoy and the scores will follow…

you can follow on or follow me on twitter @lienwillemsgolf





My golf season has finished, and I’m happy to say that it has been a good one.

I finished 28th in the LET Access order of merit. I made 10 out of 15 cuts and I had 2 top 10 finishes. My best season so far.

I decided to play the pre-qualifying school for the LET directly after the LET Access season to remain in playing mode. I made it trough the final quite easily.

I played the final qualifying last week in Marrakesh. I had a difficult start. My drives and irons were good but I couldn’t get used to the very fast greens. +7 as a result and far away from the TOP 60.

I knew what I had to do, play the same game and try to feel the speed so I could go on a birdie hunt. I managed to do that. After the +7 from the first day I played, -3, +2, -4 and -2. I jumpud from position 109 to 19 and took the Full LET Tour Card!

What does that mean: I will play on the Ladies European Tour in 2015. Starting with the first competition on the 26th of March in Agadir and ending beginning of December in Dubai. I will fill the big gaps in the Calendar with some Let Access events.

It will be a very busy season but I’m looking forward to it…

A very big thank you to my sponsors

EY, Soudal, Doccle, Bank Degroof

Volvo, Sofitel Biarritz, Mayerline, Peak Lodge, Fanatics Sport Factory

My coaches: Simon Crosby, Liz Weima, George MacKechnie, Richard Kelly and Jeroen Meganck

Family, friends and mentors

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




It’s time to give you an update! The season is more than halfway.I played 9 competitions on the LET Access Tour and I made 7 cuts. 1 top 10 finish, 5 top 30 finishes and 1 top 40.I’m currently 23rd on the order of merrit. There are 6tournaments left. Helsinki, Antalya, Strasbourg, Azores, Creteand England.

I fly to Helsinki tomorrow and the tournament starts on Friday (29/8). The weather should be a bit better than in Belgium…


I’m more active on Twitter: follow me on  @lienwillemsgolf





The season has finally started and it started well. I finished 24th in Switzerland 2 weeks ago and last week in Sweden I finished 21st. I’m still in Sweden where the next tournaments will start on wednesday (21/5) at Solvesborg GK. The course is tied and there are some long holes. The course is in good condition and the weather should be fine.

Let’s go for it.

Keep you posted,

Enjoy the nice golfweather!



It’s been a while but I’m still alive and kicking. 2013 was a season with ups and downs. I learned from my mistakes and my successes and I’m preparing for the new season.

I went to spain with Laurence Herman to practice in good weather and good practice facilities.
I feel that everything is getting better and better each day and that is what I try to do.

The LET Access season has 15 tournaments. It starts in Switzerland beginning of may and it ends end of october. There will be a LET Access event at Rinkven mid july. A perfect chance to make a good result.

I would like to thank my sponsors who will support me again this season : big thanks to

EY, Doccle, Soudal, Thalassa Sea & Spa Biarritz, Rinkven GC, Fanatics sports factory.

Talk to you soon



Just a short message to let you know that I’m using Twitter. I tweet during tournaments. You can find me @Lienwillemsgolf

I’m back from Oslo where I played a Let Access event at Hauger GK. I finished 29th.

I spent 2 days in Belgium and I’m going to England tomorrow for the next Access event at Stoke by Nayland. Busy but fun weeks